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    A unique sign of concrete monolithic constructions is the fullness, as soon as the load-having aspects of the dwelling take the inner part of the body of your composition. The main materials is strengthened definite. All levels of generation are performed inside of the structure making use of formwork. Of the kinds of such concrete products, it is actually well worth emphasizing: directly marching components, go across-nation stairs, U-, L-designed and attach possibilities.

    When creating nation houses, the usage of staircase structures about the stringer frequently becomes pertinent. The placement of these kinds of outer structures could be successfully and easily diverse. Well-liked are choices situated in the middle of the air travel of staircases or around the part. Using a huge product thickness, the two options can be utilized. In contrast to a monolithic one particular, a staircase on the stringer will not use up a lot of free place, and, susceptible to high-quality functionality, it is quite easy to use.

    In order to provide a aesthetic outcome when overlapping the steps from the part, a bowstring is commonly used. Its main parameters are relying on the sort of fastening of the techniques (in the edges, mortise or sliding possibilities), the level in the move, the types of materials employed (wood, aluminum, bolstered definite). We give preference towards the latter of which, thereby giving particular strength to concrete products and prolonging their procedure.

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