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    According to international standards needs to ensure both technical and aesthetic factors a golf course designed. In this article we are going to sign up for you to find out just what is a golf course of overseas requirements:

    The international common golf course is made up of an 18 hole cerebrovascular event along with a replay composed of the floor between the teeing soil and also the putting green.

    An 18 pit golf course has to be at the very least 5,200 back yards lengthy and possess at least a par 66 benchmark.

    The distance involving the teeing floor and the opening is definitely the corridor, the tall grass, the yellow sand hole. Water and obstacles about the golf course will likely be created by the designers.

    Designing a golf course usually has 3 diverse benchmarks, a par 3 is actually a 227m very long, a 227m to 432m par4 and a par5 of your 432m.

    Expert golf course design system

    To produce a fantastic result when building a golf course, it is essential to go with a reliable company focusing on golf course development.

    An experienced system will help you make correct and thorough all round drawings, watch over design, hand over and have article-design warrantee services.

    Using a staff of expert engineers and architects, Govina is certain that it will be your best option for companions and clients desiring to design and construct playing golf lessons.

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